• Our Programs

  • Visual Arts

    The Tullamarine Primary School Visual Arts program encourages students’ self-expression and is designed to promote creativity and imagination.

    The program aims to develop students’ appreciation for art and develop their confidence and enjoyment in creating their own artwork. Our students communicate their ideas and feelings, discover the art elements and principles, and practise the skills, techniques and processes involved in creating art, through the appreciation of an artist or an art style. There is an emphasis within the program to encourage individuality, to foster creative thinking and problem solving skills. Students are provided with opportunities to experiment with a variety of media and materials across a range of art areas, such as drawing, painting, construction, collage, sculpture, textiles and printmaking.

    The Visual Arts curriculum aims to develop students’:

    • conceptual and perceptual ideas and expressions through the design and inquiry processes
    • visual arts techniques using various materials, processes and technologies
    • critical and creative thinking, using visual arts languages, theories and practices to apply aesthetic judgment
    • respect for and acknowledgement of the diverse roles, innovations, traditions, histories and cultures of artists, craftspeople, designers, curators, critics and commentators
    • respect for visual arts as social and cultural practices, including industry practices
    • confidence, curiosity, imagination and enjoyment and a personal aesthetic through engagement with visual arts making, viewing, discussing, analysing, interpreting and evaluating.
  • Performing Arts

    Performing Arts at Tullamarine Primary School aims to introduce students to all areas of the arts including Dance, Music and Drama. Students are encouraged to participate in a range of activities, which enable them to develop confidence, team work and creativity.  The students are invited to perform as often as possible whether in front of the class or a larger audience; this builds confidence and a feeling of achievement and success. 

    In Drama, students participate in improvisations, games, scripted drama and role plays. Students in the junior school enjoy using puppets and acting out a range of emotions and fairy tales.  As the students progress through the program they investigate the elements of Drama, writing their own scripts and performing monologues.

    In Music, students explore the elements of Music through a range of hands on activities. They participate in singing activities, playing percussion instruments, exploring music theory and as they progress through the program they are taught the recorder and keyboard.

    In Dance, students perform dance that communicates ideas and feelings. They learn a range of skills and techniques and focus on spatial awareness, timing, flexibility and communication. The culmination of our Dance unit is our annual End Of Year Celebration concert, in which all students perform for families and friends.


    GLEE CLUB: Students in Grade 3-6 are invited to join the Tulla Glee Club. The Glee club meets once a week during lunchtime and the students learn a range of songs and choreography. Performances at assemblies, public events and the school concert are a highlight for the students.

    ABC INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PROGRAM: Students can participate in weekly individual or small group instrumental lessons learning either keyboard or guitar at a reasonable cost per term.

    EXCURSIONS: Over the past few years students have gone on excursions to watch Aladdin the musical, The Wizard of Oz and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and they have also participated in dance workshops with The Australian Ballet.

  • Languages - Italian

    AIM: The Languages-Italian Program at Tullamarine Primary School aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure that students:

    • communicate in Italian
    • understand the relationship between language, culture and learning
    • develop intercultural capabilities
    • understand themselves as communicators

    Students are encouraged to use Italian as much as possible for:

    • classroom routines
    • social interactions
    • structured learning tasks
    • language experimentation and practice

    Languages –Italian is offered to all students in Foundation to Grade 6. Students are provided with a weekly 1 hour lesson for 3 terms of the school year. All lessons are conducted by a fully qualified Italian teacher in a newly refurbished Languages-Italian room.

    The Italian Program is taught via high interest units of work which focus on: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

    Students are immersed in a variety of engaging activities including:

    • Stories
    • Songs
    • Chants
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Games
    • Matching activities
    • Cloze activities
    • Puzzles
    • Colour coding activities
    • Conversations
    • Research
    • Mapping
    • Writing activities
    • Making posters and books etc.
  • Stem

    STEM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics as access points for guiding inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. The end results are students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experimental learning, persist in problem solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process.

    At Tullamarine Primary School students employ problem solving skills to create, design and make end products in the form of mini projects that pose questions and problems. Throughout our journey at Tullamarine Primary School has encouraged all to be great problem solvers, creative thinkers, whilst displaying leadership and respect in teamwork and accepting challenges.

    We have advanced from designing houses and making projects from recycled materials, investigating history of games and considering features of sustainable living. Students are learning skills of 3D printing and coding skills are developed further applying Bee-Bots, Ozobots and Education Minecraft units.

    The Key Learning Areas are based on the School Values of Respect, Creativity and Leadership by:

    • Creating, Designing, Developing solutions, selecting, building, testing and evaluating Coding and Programming.
    • Brainstorming to find creative alternative solutions.
    • Learning to communicate, share ideas and work together.
  • Physical Education

    The Physical Education Program at Tullamarine Primary School aims to develop physical ability while exposing students to a range of different sports and game skills. Students learn about the importance of good health and improving their fitness. Positive team work and good sportsmanship are nurtured and highly valued qualities at Tullamarine Primary School. Our program is based around fun games and team sports.

    Students have opportunity to:

    • Participate in PMP – a program for F-2 students with targeted activities to foster and develop Fundamental Motor Skills
    • Attend Interschool Sports – summer and winter seasons
    • Participate in Athletics carnivals, including swimming and cross country events
    • Attend various local Gala Sports days including AFL, Cricket, Rugby and Tennis competitions
    • Compete in House Sports events
    • Join Running Club – a before school program with students aiming to run 100km each year

    At Tullamarine Primary School the Physical Education program is offered to all students in Foundation to Grade 6, with a weekly 1 hour lesson for 3 terms of the school year.

    Tullamarine Primary School boasts outstanding all-weather facilities for Physical Education. There is artificially surfaced Soccer field and Volleyball court and a synthetic turfed oval with running track. Outdoors, but undercover there is also a full sized Basketball court. The school hall is a further space utilized for gymnastics and indoor activities. With an Athletics Long/Triple jump pit and Mini Golf course, Tullamarine Primary School really offers students the very best of sporting facilities.

    The Physical Education program includes:

    • Practice and refinement of Fundamental Motor Skills:- catch, kick, run, jump, throw, ball bounce, leap, dodge, punt, strike
    • Minor games
    • Gymnastics activities
    • Indigenous games unit
    • Fitness focused games and instruction, including fitness testing at start and end of year
    • Balance and Movement activities
    • Creative game invention
    • Invasion games – soccer, rugby, basketball, hockey
    • Net wall games – tennis, badminton, volley/meteor ball
    • Striking/ Fielding games – cricket, t-ball
    • Games involving strategy and critical thinking

    Our student motto is:

    We have fun in P.E learning different sports and sport skills, playing games in a safe environment. We learn about keeping healthy and work to improve our fitness levels. We aim to achieve our personal best at all times.


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